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The Truth About Penis Enlargement Exercise Programs
This involves the enlargement of the male sexual organ in an attempt to appease the sexual partner, increase confidence and strengthen their erection.This practice has been known to exist for many centuries and is common today for people who want benefit from it. It is interesting to note that men are more concerned about penis size than their partners are which has made practitioners of penis enlargement methods wealthy.
Before the truth about this practice can be exposed we need to examine them to reveal the nature and procedures involved.

A penis pump is a cylinder that is fitted over it to engorge it as blood is pulled in by the creation of a vacuum. Increase of the vacuum increases pressure around the blood vessels around the penis. This method has been found to cause temporary relief for impotence symptoms but no evidence about penis enlargement was found.

The use of a clamp which constricts the blood flow out of the penis when fully erect is another common technique. This has the potential to cause permanent and catastrophic results because the removal of the clamp can be difficult leading to the amputation of the penis or the sawing off of the clamping device which can only be done at an emergency room. It has shown to increase penis size temporarily because the penis size returns back to its original size once it is discontinued. Its benefits cannot outweigh the drawbacks and medical experts strongly recommend against it.

Jelquing is a technique that involves holding of the penis using two fingers and pulling it towards many directions for around fifteen seconds. It includes stroking it many times while squeezing it after applying jelly. There is no known medical evidence that it actually works. It is risky because it can cause blood vessel tearing, scar formation, disfiguring and is very painful.

Surgical penis enlargement involves the use of implants. It is a method recommended for treating deformities and accidents involving the penis. This method actually works, but in most cases patients often avoid it after doctors inform them of the possible outcomes which include the inability to control the penis direction and the severing of nerves which can lead to total loss of sensitivity.

The use of pills to increase penis size is very common with many advertisements on their magical benefits. A lot of research has been done on these with non proving effective. It is now known that those offering them are out to make quick money on unsuspecting persons. The loss of money to these fraudsters is little compared to the harmful side effects of some penis enlargement pills which include allergic reactions and poisoning.

It can be concluded that the technique of pleasuring ones partner is more important than the size of the penis and men need not attach undue importance to their penis size. A visit to the urologist is often recommended for people who think that there is a problem with their genitals.

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